Machinery equipment

The company is equipped with own transport and machinery park:

Marking Machines:

Hofmann H26 / 1 (Germany)
one-component paint

Hofmann H26 / 2 (Germany-Switzerland)
structural plastic

Hofmann H26 / 3 (Germany)
one-component paint

Hofmann H33 (Germany)
structural plastic

Hofmann H18 (Germany)
profiled plastic

Linelazer 200 HS-2K (WinterGrün) + Graco LineDriver (Germany)
one-component paint, sprayed plastic

Pedestrian Marking Machines:

Euroliner / Trassar T6 (France)
surface markings (one-component paint)

Linelazer 3900 (USA)
surface markings (one-component paint)

LineLazer IV 5900 (USA)
surface and line markings (one-component paint)

Junior (Switzerland)
pedestrian crossings, shadows, StopLine (structural plastic)

Plastomarker (Switzerland)
parking, guiding strips for the blind and purblind (smooth plastic)

Machines for removing signs:

Von Arx 35 Rotary (Switzerland)
Milling of all horizontal road marking

Blastrac (USA)
blasting of the concrete surface000

Pre-marking is performed using optical devices and the car, which ensures precision and speed of its execution.